Cardo freecom
Cardo freecom sistēma veikalā dude bikes
Moto veikals dude bikes piedāvā Cardo freecom
Cardo freecom komunikāciju sistēma


Parastā cena €319,00
Cenā iekļauts PVN. Piegāde tiek aprēķināta nākošajā solī.

  • 2-way rider to rider. A longer range of up to 500m (0.3 miles) ensures that you are connected at all times. The dual set comes pre-paired.
  • Powerful 40mm speakers and advanced processor transform every ride.
  • Universal connectivity. Connects to any other Bluetooth headset of any brand.
  • Ultra-slim communication. Only 16 mm from top to bottom. It has an aerodynamic design and low wind noise.
  • Waterproof: no matter what you throw on it, your IP67 waterproof Freecom 2 Plus absorbs water and dust and keeps you connected.