elektriskais mopēds moto veikalā dude bikes
Dude bikes moto veikals piedāvā elektriskais mopēds piper
elektromopēds piper moto veikalā dude bikes
elektro mopēds moto veikalā dude bikes
elektro motocikls moto veikalā dude bikes
elektro motocikls piper moto veikalā dude bikes

Piper Khaki

Обычная цена €2.195,00
Включая налоги. Перевозка рассчитывается при оформлении заказа.

PIPER is 100% electric environmentally friendly and innovative moped for modern mobility.

Whether in the city or out of town, it can satisfy anybody looking for a simple and fun vehicle. With its extremely low weight and compact dimensions PIPER is very easy to handle and to transport by car. PIPER is a safer alternative to electric scooters.

Off-road tires 120/70-10, Front and rear disc brakes.

Engine - 1200 W In-Wheel electric motor with 90 Nm of tourque. L1e-B (50cm3) homologation.

Max speed - 45km/h 

Battery - 1,34 kWh rechargable lithium Samsung battery with 57 km range; 48 V - 26 A, 9,4 kg; Time to charge +/- 4 h.

Dashboard - High visible HD LCD display with detailed LED indicators; KEYLESS start system tecnology. 

Body frame - Aluminium alloy double cradle tubular chassis; Weight 40 kg with batteries; 120 kg rated maximum weight.

Full headlamp and taillamp.

Two seater.

PIPER is available in 6 different shades of frame and decals.

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