SC Project silencer for Moto Morini X-Cape at Dude Bikes motorcycle store
SC Project silencer for Moto Morini X-Cape at Dude Bikes motorcycle store
SC Project silencer for Moto Morini X-Cape at Dude Bikes motorcycle store
SC Project silencer for Moto Morini X-Cape at Dude Bikes motorcycle store

SC Project Silencer For Moto Morini X-Cape

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The X-Cape 650 rally-s silencer is born

 The iconic Moto Morini X-CAPE will have a new modern exhaust system, born from the collaboration with SC-Project, world leader in exhaust system production for motorbikes.

The new crossover system will see the installation of the Rally-S silencer, a perfect combination of high Made in Italy expertise, combined with stylistic choices calibrated for the Adventure world.

The aesthetic of the muffler is clearly inspired by dusty deserts. The materials used, the production process, the global manufacturing accuracy and even the compact dimension of this silencer, has been developed and tested to be the best solution for Moto Morini X-Cape 650.

The body of the muffler has been released in ultralight titanium and the generous and aggressive output has a diameter of no less than 60mm.

Great attention has been given to the voice of this silencer, in order to give a deeper and more vivid sound experience, in full compliance with Euro5 regulations.

Remarkable is the consistant and stable performance improvement around the full engine range, with a maximum gain of +2,0Nm @7200rpm / +1,8hp @7200rpm.

The visual impact of this exhaust is outstanding: everything has been developed, tested, approved and manufactured to allow the installation of original side cases and totally compatible with original license plate and led turn signals.

The Rally-S silencer is entirely handcrafted in Italy inside SC- Project establishments: this to confirm one more time how much Moto Morini and its X-Cape are strongly connected to Italian excellence in the quality of the selected components.

The product is enhanced with an elegant laser engraved logo of Moto Morini which joint SC-Project aluminium riveted plait by laser and it completed with the Euro 5 type-approval certificate.

The installation of the product is totally plug&play and it is covered by Moto Morini official warranty.

Alberto Monni, Moto Morini General Manager says:

 The success that the X-Cape has found is the result of the team work of our experts, but also of our partnerships with Italian excellence, such as SC-Project. Our collaboration represents more than an agreement: it is a promise of expertise, talent and guarantee over the quality of used materials, something that we really care about.”

Marco De Rossi and Stefano Lavazza, owners and founders of SC- Project declared:

 “We are very enthusiastic of this collaboration with Moto Morini, an emblematic and rich in history brand. Its X-Cape has become a symbol in the crossover world and design for her the perfect product has been a stimulating challenge that makes us proud.”


  • Compact dimensions of the silencer body: Length 250mm
  • Ultralight titanium silencer body: Grade 1 titanium
  • Outlet diameter: 60mm
  • Fixing bracket: made by T.I.G.
  • Performance: + 2.0Nm @ 7200rpm / + 1.8hp @ 7200rpm
  • Weight reduction: -36% / -1.0kg (when compared to OEM muffler)