Revolutionizing Industrial Mobility

      Designed with the specific needs of industrial and commercial applications in mind, with a focus on durability, reliability, and efficient performance. Mosphera is a type of high-end scooter that is designed for use in various industries, such as agriculture, airports, military, ports, vineyards, police, and border controls.

      While Mosphera is intended for use in industrial and commercial settings, it has also been recognized by enthusiasts, such as motocross drivers and regular e-scooter drivers, who appreciate its versatility and performance capabilities

      MTB inspired design with ultimate urban and off-road capabilities and endurance. Unique dimensions and geometry for an optimal ride experience like no other scooter while still maintaining a compact size.

      Hand welded from steel tubing, it is the most optimal solution possible for such a performance vehicle. Engineered flex and stiffness for a ride feel that cannot be matched by aluminium.

      Perfect suspension for both needs - ON and OFF-roads. On-road suspension system made to work to minimize the effect of potholes, bumps, cornering and acceleration/deceleration forces. For same time this amazing suspension is made for Off-road to handle roots, rocks, jumps, ledges and more.

      With Mosphera there is no doubt that you will want to explore beyond your regular routes. For more convenient transportation to your desired riding environment, we designed the scooter to easily fold to a size that will comfortably fit in the back of a car in such types as SUV, crossover, hatchback.


      2 products

      2 products