Super73 S2 elektriskais hibrīd velosipēds Dude Bikes moto veikalā
Super73 elektriskais hibrīd velosipēds Dude Bikes moto veikalā
Super73 elektriskais velosipēds Dude Bikes motociklu veikalā
Hibrīda velosipēds
Hibrīda velosipēds cena
Elektro fatbike
Elektriskais velosipēds cena
Fatbike cena
Elektro fatbike cena
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SUPER73-S2 Galaxy Black Available now

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Designed for the urban adventurer, the agile S2 is a sport-cruiser style bike built with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame and a fully adjustable air spring suspension fork. The Super73-S2 is a street-legal high-performance electric bike that does not require a license or registration. The S2 also features Super73's all-new connected electronics suite that is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices through the new Super73 App. Images show US spec bikes, European spec models may differ slightly.

  • Type: Mode 1-3 Pedal Assisted Cycle
  • Off-Road Experience kit
  • Declarations of Conformity (EPAC) available upon request

The S2's aircraft-grade 6065/7071 aluminum alloy frame is lighter and more rigid than steel. Aluminum is also rust and corrosion resistant for worry-free riding in all conditions.

Front suspension comes standard on the Super73-S2 and includes adjustable preload, compression, and rebounding damping.

The Super73-S2 comes equipped with Shimano Zee RD-M6400SP Rear Derailleur.

The motor on all of Super73 new 2021 models is delivered as a 250 watt continuous rated power motor. It is a street-legal Electrically Powered Assisted Cycle (EPAC), with several riding modes. You can also buy the Off-Road Experience (ORE) that includes a throttle for private land use only. Check your local regulations for further information.

In case you can't stop having fun, the S2 is powered by a state-of-the-art 960 watt-hour battery, the largest in the segment. This provides an estimated 120+ km of range using ECO pedal assist mode.

The newly designed high output triple LED 12v halo headlight is the brightest light available on any Super73 with 630 lumens.

The Super73-S2 includes the all-new BDGR tire. At 5" wide, the all-new BDGR tire is the widest and most aggressive 20" all-terrain fat tire in its class. The BDGR is the first tire that blends motorcycle and bicycle tire construction methods to meet the needs of this revolutionary vehicle. The proprietary SUPER73 tread pattern has been designed to improve traction, reduce road noise, and increase stability for both on-road and light-duty off-road riding.

The Super73-S2 comes in one size. With a 78 cm seat height, adjustable handlebars, and a 150 Kg weight limit rating, the Super73-S2 is designed to comfortably accommodate riders between 1.50 m - 2.10 m. 

Riding modes and speed levels

  • Mode 1/ Default Mode: EPAC (Electrically Power Assisted Cycles) with Pedal Assist at up to 25 km/h 250-watt motor output (street legal for all European countries) 
  • Mode 2: Pedal Assist up to 35 km/h (Private Land Use ONLY)
  • Mode 3: Pedal Assist up to 45 km/h (Private Land Use ONLY)
  • Mode 4: “Unlimited Mode” up to 50 km/h with throttle only (additional 125 EUR) and full battery (Private Land Use ONLY) The use of the throttle allows you to fully control the power output of the motor and push it to its peak power. Made for off-road riding. Best performance obtained is when battery is charged. 

What is “Unlimited mode”?
Just like the bikes sold in the United States, the Unlimited mode gives you the option of going from the standard 250-watt continuous motor power output to higher speeds by releasing the full 1200 watt nominal power and 2000 watt peak motor power of the bike.

To enable Riding Modes 2 to 4, the rider needs to launch the Super73 App, accept the terms and conditions and activate the desired riding mode which will unlock the extra power and speed.

We do our best to fulfil the wishes of every rider. In case you do not find your size, color or have any other request - please contact us by e-mail or fill "Ask a question" form below.