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SUPER73-ZG Steel Blue - Pre Order

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The SUPER73-ZG is a friendly entry-level electric bike that packs a punch. The compact frame and EPAC 250W internal hub motor is an excellent mode of transportation for anyone wanting the feel of a SUPER73 in a smaller package. This neighbourhood explorer is perfect for getting around town.

Integrated Battery + Seat Design: The unique integrated battery and seat design provide a user-friendly experience for riders. Powered with a 313 watt-hour battery, the Super73-ZG provides 20-32km+ of range (or 45+ km in ECO mode).
*Battery range estimates depend on conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc. Range may vary.

Low seat height: The Super73-ZG comes in one size. With a 68 cm seat height, adjustable handlebars, and a 125 Kg weight limit rating, the Super73-ZG is designed to comfortably accommodate riders between 1,4m - 1,8m.

Lights: Both head and tail lights are included in the box. 

Motor: The internally geared brushless DC rear hub motor EPAC 250W.